Friday, July 21, 2006

It turns out Hurricane Katrina might not have been the most dangerous thing in New Orleans last year. the doctors and nurses were.

Police arrested a doctor and two nurses for murdering patients at Memorial Medical Center during the hurricane.

The doctor is Anna M. Pou, an ENT. The nurses are Lori Budo and Cheri Landry. They are accused of giving lethal doses of morphine and midazolam (Versed)to four patients. All the patients were elderly. Maybe the doctor and nurses were Dutch. They seem to have an aversion to old people and favor killing them off when they outstay their welcome.

Evidently the conditions at the hospital were very bad after the hurricane. Power was out. The patients were deteriorating. So, instead of keeping them as comfortable as possible, or keeping them alive at all costs while awaitng rescue, the medical professionals decided to hasten the outcome.

As life becomes cheaper in America, more and more of this will happen. Abortion and Euthanasia laws tell people life is cheap and can be measured in terms of convenience. These medicos found insufficient value in four lives and so they killed them.

This is a mass murder in the prosecutor's book.
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