Saturday, August 12, 2006

Denny Burk has a post critical of Chick tracts. No, not Chick Lit, but the flambouyant gospel cartoon tracts of Jack Chick. He uses them as examples of how not to witness.

Speaking of how not to witness, I went to a Ranger baseball game last night. One of my buddies from church got 4 free tickets and off we went. As we approached the stadium, a young man in a white shirt and tie, despite it being 100 degrees, turned around and started to preach. He had a huge, brand new Bible. People peeled off around him like he had the plague, including the associate pastor who was part of our group.

That being said, I have to admit to being a little nervous about criticizing street preachers. They remind me a bit of the Old Testament prophets. Never popular guys, they were often killed or abused. Sometimes, God made them do odd things. Read the book of Ezekiel, and see Ezekiel cut and burn his hair, lay around naked, and preach in public.

Chick has always been hard to take, as he works at being offensive. He is a KJV only guy and strongly anti-Catholic. His tracts are full of pictures of guys burning in hell and other graphic depictions. Your normal middle class person would not respond to them, Christian or non-Christian. Maybe somebody does.
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