Thursday, August 17, 2006

James White posts on problems the Roman Catholic Church is having with priests in Africa incorporating elements of the native worship into their practice. His point is that it should not be unexpected, given the unbiblical elements of Roman Catholic worship.

It struck me, though, that Protestants are not immune from this disease, especially in America. Here the native gods are primarily materialism and individualism. The Protestant church, especially the Evangelical church, are throughly infected with both ideas on a non-Biblical level. It is not just the Word\Faith preachers, either. The majority of Evangelical preaching today is self help oriented. The focal thought is that Jesus can give you a better life today, more money, better marriage and happiness. Instead, the New Testament stresses worship, sacrifice of self and humility.

It looks like both Catholics and Protestants could use some major repentence and reformation.
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