Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Psalm 90:8 (NIV)
You have set our iniquities before you, our secret sins in the light of your presence.

Here is my take on the Ted Haggard mess. My mom used to say "your sins will find you out". Truly, very little stays secret in the life of a Christian, or a purported Christian. God continually brings sin to life, both for the maturity of the individual and the protection of the church.

Thank God he exposed Ted Haggard's sin. While leading a church of thousands of members, he was living a secretly sinful life that he himself calls dark. He bought drugs. This kind of man cannot lead a church. Some will say the timing was bad, brought about by political enemies. I think that shows God doesn't care as much for the elections as he does for the purity of the church. God will also use a vehicle for his purposes that is not a pure one, such as a homosexual massage therapist that sells drugs. He used Assyria to humble Israel.

Some of his friends are now working on his repentance and restoration. That is good. However, the first question they must answer, without assumption, is: should this man be in the ministry at all. Before trying to figure out how he can be restored, the first question should be answered. How does a man lead a congregation and speak to Americans all over the country about moral and spiritual issues, while having a duplicitous nature? Did he ever have a heart for the gospel, or did he seek fame and glory?

Do we all sin? Sure. That doesn't excuse this pastor. Can he be forgiven? Sure. But it doesn't mean he should pastor.

The continued moral failures of the clergy in America is a bitter pill to swallow for laymen who are looking for guidance and encouragement. They are also reasons the name of God is blasphemed among the non-believers, to paraphrase the Old Testament.

As a final matter, every time this happens, we should all take the time to examine our hearts and pray that God would reveal to us any hidden sins and weaknesses, knowing that Pastor Haggard's heart and ours come from the same spiritual DNA.
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