Monday, March 05, 2007


Richard Land has joined forces with Ted Kennedy? Read this story: WASHINGTON (BP)--United States senators and witnesses debated the best way for the federal government to regulate tobacco products in a spirited congressional hearing Feb. 27.Southern Baptist ethics specialist Richard Land and four other witnesses testified in support of a bill to grant authority to the Food and Drug Administration over the manufacture, promotion and sale of such products as cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Some Republican senators and a sole witness, however, challenged that approach, questioning whether the FDA is the right agency to charge with full responsibility over products that result in the deaths of more than 400,000 Americans a year.

No self respecting Southern Baptist should get into bed with Ted Kennedy for any reason. Why would Richard Land join forces with this moral bankrupt? My mother used to say "lie down with dogs, get up with flees". She meant, if you associate with bad people, their reputation and behavior will rub off on you. It will ruin your reputation and maybe even cause you to do things you should not. Someone check Mr. Land for fleas. He is bound to have them after this.

Further, what about the old separation of church and state? Why is this supposed representative of the church in Washington trying to get the government to impose even more regulation on a private business? I don't smoke or believe you should, but why should the government seek to put them out of business with regulation? Given the resolutions at the last convention, shouldn't Land be trying to regulate drinking instead?

The church needs to concentrate on its mission, and regulation of tobacco is not it. No wonder people are confused about who we are. Instead of worshipping and witnessing, we are lobbying.

Land needs to quit. Quit joining forces with corrupt polticians, quit holding himself out as representing Southern Baptists in areas in which we don't belong, maybe just quit altogether.
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