Saturday, March 24, 2007


Dr. Irena Backus teaches at the University of Geneva. She writes Reformation studies. She wrote her doctoral (Oxford) thesis on the "Influence of Theodore Beza on the English New Testament". It was published as The Reformed Roots of the English New Testament: The Influence of Theodore Beza on the English New Testament (Pittsburgh: Pickwick Press, 1980).

Dr. Backus also has written on Martin Bucer, edited volume 2 of his Latin works, ans also written on religious dissent in the 16th and 17th centuries, Polish anti-trinitarians, Zwingli, on 16th-century interpretations of the Apocalypse, on the reception of the church fathers in the West, on historical method and confessional identity in the era of the Reformation 1378-1615.

They might not hire her at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but she is an outstanding example of a woman applying her education and theology to advance the Kingdom.
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