Thursday, May 24, 2007


If you need any proof of the decline of civilization, let me invite you to attend a high school graduation ceremony. It has all the dignity of a South American soccer game.

The people who sat behind us talked through all the speeches. We didn't hear a word. When we asked them to be quiet so we could hear, the women whipped out cell phones and called their boyfriends to come beat us up.

They talked on cell phones and laughed during the National Anthem. They constantly yelled and screamed to people they knew. Other folks screamed and carried on so long when their kid walked across the stage that the next two or three kids walked without you being able to even hear their name. It was truly a night mare. I've been to football games between heated rivals that were more civilized than this.

Very few people dressed up, especially the males. There were lots of people in shorts, jeans and work out clothes. There were quite a few girls dressed like Britney Spears out to a party.

Most parents got up and left after their kid walked the stage. By the time of the Recessional, two thirds of the audience were gone. Most of the rest left during the Recessional.

The only good thing is, we stayed for the whole thing and the boyfriends couldn't find us to beat us up.
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