Tuesday, August 07, 2007


We went to see the 3rd, and supposedly last, Bourne movie last night. Based on the character created by Robert Ludlum in his books, beginning with the Bourne Idenity, the movie was a classic, action packed thriller. If you read the books and worry about it changing your idea of the characters in the books, forget it. In fact, you will do better if you forget about the books and see the movie as a totally different story. The movies have consistently veered away from the story of the books and this one is no exception. The Bourne character is about the only thing that comes from the book. Hopefully, Ludlum's estate made some money on it and, thankfully, he was not around to get mad that they abandoned his story line.

The story line of the movie is actually rather old. There is a secret department of the government that went rogue and Bourne, as its victim, brings it down, with the help of insider Pamela Landy, who is the lone honest member of the government team. Despite the triteness of the plot, the movie really moves, the action scenes are good and Matt Damon does a pretty good job of playing the confused, but determined, Bourne. I would like to have seen a little more emotion from him, but Damon doesn't really do emotion.

Secrets do have a way of coming out. My mom used to say your sins would find you out. The Bible says what is whispered in the ear will be shouted on the roof tops. There is very little that we get away with, even when we take great pains to keep it quiet. That lesson comes through loudly in the movie.
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