Wednesday, December 05, 2007


In case you ever wondered just how die hard Aggies can be, consider this. The municipal cemetery at College Station is almost at capacity. So, the city needs to make a new one. It will have an "Aggie Field of Honor" where Aggies can be buried "in view of Kyle Field". Kyle Field, if you don't know, is the football stadium.

The field of Honor will have a lane of 12 columns (representing the 12th Man) and the sight line will be past the Spirit Gate Memorial directly to Kyle Field. The columns will be 25 feet tall and aligned in pairs facing each other, symbolizing Aggie Muster. The Spirit Gate Memorial will be a large block A&M monument.

Quite a few old Ags come back to College Station to retire. The Little Woman would do this today if she could. Now they can retire permanently and never leave the premises of their beloved College Station.

So, I guess you could say this cemetery is an Aggie Muster while old Ags wait for the Final Review, when all Ags everywhere will pass in review before the Commander and then join the final Muster that will last forever.
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