Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I feel like I need to call Al Gore and ask where my global warming went! It has been in the 20s every night and in the 30s during the day. No, it isn't Fargo, but it is cold to us in Fort Worth who have not had winter in 3 years. I actually got out the overcoat today and wore it to work for the first time this year.

My office is also freezing. I am currently in an old building and the wind is coming through the windows and making me cold. I am not often cold, so this means it is really pretty cold in here. I've been having to wear my suit coat to stay warm at my desk. Since I am the only one in my office wearing a suit, I feel really formal sitting here with my coat on. Maybe I should make everyone come into my office for a meeting, so they would have to look at me with my coat on. I would look very authoritative. Like Al Gore.

The weather dude says there may be some freezing rain or ice on Friday. That means all my assistants will be trying to find a way to stay home. But I say NO! (OK, that last one comes from a comedy tape. If you have been around our family very long, you know you have to learn Thompson-speak, which is comprised of jokes from an old Louie Anderson video and a newer one by Tim Hawkins. Then, some old family inside jokes are thrown in. This makes it hard for visitors to understand what is going on. Just ask my son-in-law. He is good natured about it, but I'm sure there are times he thinks "who are these people?")

The Little Woman is really cold natured, except for brief episodic spells. She will have the fireplace going, a blanket wrapped around her, and the dog, who is also cold natured, cuddled up next to her.

So, I went out this morning and made the ice scupture posted above. You know, make lemon aid out of lemons. I had to wear my overcoat. I used one of the Little Woman's good knives, but snuck it back into the drawer while she and the dog were still under the blanket. She said I couldn't put it in the dish washer, but she didn't say anything about not using it for ice sculptures. Still, sneaking it back in seemed wise and, somehow, more fun.

Now, I'm going in to watch the Louie Anderson video.
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