Thursday, January 24, 2008


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson filed new motions to dismiss the suit of of Sheri Klouda, former professor of Hebrew at the seminary’s school of theology. Klouda sued for wrongful termination. She was fired for being a woman. The Seminary has a policy not to allow women to teach men theology. I'm not sure that teaching Hebrew is teaching theology, but I'm just a lawyer.

I'm uncomfortable with the way the seminary handled Klouda, and other employees, but I do not see how she can win this case. Normally, the courts will not interfere in decisions of a religious institution based on it religion. A case involving Notre Dame is in point, when a female chaplain sued after being removed as head chaplain because she was a female. The court ruled for Notre Dame because it was a religious decision by a religious institution. I would expect the same type of ruling here.
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