Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Candidate Obama has decided that ties to one major rascist might be enough. So, he has removed the endorsement of the New Black Panther Party from his website. (Pause here and try to image John McCain making this announcemnt about the Aryan Brotherhood or some other white supremist group.) I guess this is a follow up to his call for improved race relations. Seriously, you had an endorsement page for the New Black Panthers on your website, but you claim to be a candidate for all Americans?

It was one thing for Obama to speak in generalities and vagueness, but his is disseminating. His spokesperson said it “has nothing to do with us.” It is YOUR website, THAT is what it has to do with you. You were advertising their support! You used it because you thought it would attract some voters who resonate with them. Now that there is a backlash, you don't know them. This is why people don't like politicians. They say the dumbest things and want us to believe them.

You may not have followed the New and Improved Black Panthers, since they do not get the same publicity the Old Black Panthers got. So, here are some things you might like to know.

First, the Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as an extremist hate group. That is a good way to convince white America you are a candidate for all people: publicize the support of a group that hates whites and Jews. he Anti-Defamation League calls them “the largest organized anti-Semitic black militant group in America. Since Blacks and Jews have had problems in America in the past, and since Jews often vote Democrat, this is, again, pretty poor judgment by Obama.

My favorite stance by the Panthers is a demand to release of all black prisoners from American jails. I can't imagine that many Blacks would support this, and pretty much no one else.

There is a lot more, but I'll stop with their demand for a separate Black country within the U.S. I just thought I'd point out, both to the Panthers, and to Obama, that white guys tried that back in the mid 1800s and it didn't go over well. We call it the Civil War. Just thought I'd mention it in case you forgot. Ain't gonna happen.

Clinton must be pretty confident this is all going to explode and blow Obama to pieces. Otherwise, she would be running campaign adds with these statements on it. I was just hoping this stuff wouldn't come out until the general election, and the Republicans could use it first. They'll use it, but they won't get first blood. You know what they say: the first cut is the deepest.

So, here is the question. Is Obama a rascist and a hate monger underneath the smooth exterior? Does he go to his church because he agrees with his pastor? Does he really denounce all that America is about? Does he agree with his wife that he has been ashamed of America? Does he agree with the Panthers that Blacks should overthrow America as we know it? Or, is he just not able to control those radicals who are flocking to his campaign?

If it is the first, and people find out, he has lost. When he says he can understand the roots of his pastor's rage, you have to wonder if such a half hearted disavowal is really an endorsement. If the second, he looks incompetent and inexperienced. He is inexperienced, but cannot afford to look like it.
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