Monday, April 21, 2008


After producing a moving and traveling all over the world speaking about global warming, what is Al Gore's take on the effect? He admits little has changed. IN fact, some recent polls found that some people ranked it lower than clearing up dog mess as a priority. When you ask people to rank 25 or 30 issues, climate change comes at the bottom.

Just as with his movie, he will not let facts stop him. He wants to lead ten million people to advocate change in the US (of course, it could not be China or India for an American Liberal, it has to be America's fault.)

I would be more impressed if he down sized from his multi-thousand square foot house with the huge air conditioning bill, and quit taking private jets all over the world. Not much, but some.

The good news is, we will likely end the warming cycle in a few years and start global cooling, so he can claim to have ended global warming. That would make a good resume along with inventing the Internet and getting donations from Buddists monks from the White House without being investigated or prosecuted.

Of course, if things get really cool, he can start a new crusade.
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