Monday, June 16, 2008


Former Vice President and present Environment Evangelist Al Gore came out today to support the presumptive Democrat nominee for president, Barack Obama. He has an urgent message of support at his website, Of course, Gore makes everything sound urgent.

Gore's support may help, but most fervent enviromentalists will vote Democrat anyway. If Gore is discredited on global warming, it might hurt Obama with the wing nut factor. One thing that is quite likely is taking Gore to task over his support of biofuels. Many are already blaming the increase use of ethanol for the increase in corn and other food prices. Some of the loudest voices come from Africa. Since Obama identifies with Africa fervently, you have a fervent conflict: Gore is hurting Africa; Obama identifies with and wants to help Africa. Many accuse the Democrats of saying one thing and doing another. Gore may fuel that debate.
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