Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This is interesting.

The U.S. is amassing its Navy in the Persian Gulf. There have been two aircraft carriers there for some time, the Abraham Lincoln and the Peleliu. The Iwo Jima started for the Gulf on August 22.

Now, the Theodore Roosevelt and the Ronald Reagan appear to be headed that way. That is 5 aircraft carriers, by the way. Last month, the Theodore Roosevelt conducted joint naval maneuvers with the French Navy. That, of course means the French have ships there, too. France also conducted joint exercises for 10 days with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar in the Persian Gulf. They all brought troops as well as ships. France brought 1,500 people, including navy, marine and air force personnel. Iran criticized France's military ambitions in the region. France is also setting up a new military base in the UAE.

In addition, it now appears that British ships coming to the Gulf with the Theodore Roosevelt. This is three countries and many ships. What are they up to?

The Persian Gulf is named after Persia and the Persians, who are now the Iranians. There has been much speculation that Israel would attack Iran by air if it completes, or gets close to completing, its nuclear reactor.

On Tuesday, the White House denied that the United States intends to attack Iran. However, it also said the military option had not been taken off the table. This denial was in response to The Jerusalem Post article saying an Administration (U.S.) official saying that the President and Vice President believe military action against Iran is necessary.
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