Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving turned out to be a lovely time. I wondered for a while how this would go, since most of my family was out of town. Only one of the daughters could be with us, also.

We were blessed to have our friends, Todd and Joanna, celebrate with us. They also brought their daughter, Grace, who seemed to have a grand time and even took a short nap.

The Little Woman cooked turkey and pumpkin pie and homemade bread. Joanna brought a yummy looking sweet potato dish (if you are not from the South, you won't understand)and a chocolate chip pie, and the Baby contributed the classic green bean casserole. It all smelled delicious.

Todd and I had a good visit hanging out in the living room and staying out of the kitchen. Later we all watched the football game. Since Todd's roots are in Tennessee and Joanna's in Louisiana and Texas, and they attended college in Alabama, they are great football fans. So we all watched the Dallas Cowboy game together. The Cowboys did their part with an entertaining win.

Grace contributed by being her playful self. She and I played chase for a good while. Ah for the days when "come get me" signals many minutes of fun.

Many attacks on Thanksgiving were made this year. College professors professed to dig up the "truth" about the original celebration (the truth is never what we all know and love, have you noticed?) and atheists continued their fruitless harangue against all things Christian. Despite them all, Americans by the millions celebrated the day, and millions took some time to thank the Lord for the blessings he has given us and our country.

We did too, and are the better for it.
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