Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sorry for the lack of blogging. The Little Woman has been in the hospital. She is home now and recovering, with help from chicken soup and tortilla soup from friends.

A hospital room is really claustrophibia inducing. I sat in this funky chair for 10 hours. It looks like a recliner, but is not. The leg thingie did come up about half way, but the back did not recline.

There was the shelf for me to sleep on. The nurse said pull down the cushion and it is much more comfortable. I'd rate it as the difference between sleeping on a sharp rock and a dull one. Plus, the cushion kept sliding off the shelf and the pillows kept sliding out from under my head. I guess they were all made by the Slick Bedding Company.

I couldn't carry my laptop with my brief case (books) and the Little Woman's luggage. I did bring my Blackberry, which died after an hour of email. I did not have the charger. So, no blogging or Internet.

I tried to watch a little television at one point. It was mounted high up on the wall and there was no natural human position in which one could comfortably see it. No matter, nothing was on. Every channel had non-stop coverage of the ice storm. At one point, the news we watched kept a cameron on the same freeway exit for 15 minutes giving a play by play of cars trying to go down the ramp. Ice storms give these stations a freebie. They can just talk about it on and on. But, all they said was "it's icy and cold. It's hard to drive. Here are pictures of people trying to drive. Here is video of cold people. Now, let's do it over 27 times."

I mean really. Was there no news in the whole world? Al Qaeda called off all attacks to watch the coverage of the ice storm from a cave in Pakistan? Mr. Putin did not cut off the gas to any more countries to show them he can, preferably with his shirt off? Sarkozy's wife the model did not pose beautifully anywhere? Obama did not change the world today and bring everlasting peace and prosperity or appoint Oprah as minister of the Galactic Well Being? Nope. Only ice, ice baby.

After being cooped up in the hospital, being out with the sun shining seemed like a day of endless opportunities. That is what I would title the picture above.

Of course, I took the opportunity to go to work. Not very exciting you say, but hey, it pays the bills.

And, it allows me to catch up on my blogging.
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