Monday, February 09, 2009


"Holly Holy"
Written by: neil diamond

Holly holy eyes
Dream of only you
Where I am, what I am
What I believe in
Holly holy

Every now and then I hear an old song I liked and think "I should find that and download it". Back in the '60s, I did not think much about the lyrics. Now I tend to. So, I looked up the lyrics on the Internet. Then I thought "what exactly is Holly Holy?" It makes no sense.

Yet, there I was in the late '60s, riding around in the car singing along with ole Neil. In fact, I actually took the Little Woman to a Neil Diamond concert later when he was already old. We were the only Gentiles there.

If you know what this means, please leave a comment. I'm not going to sing it again until I know. I mean, it might be some kind of secret Kabbala thing, right? Maybe I should contact Madonna and see if she knows.
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