Friday, June 12, 2009

Actress Megan Fox now quoted as basically saying she would like Megatron, a character in “Transformers”, to "take out (read "kill") all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America".

It is interesting how liberals often portray themselves as the tolerant, wise ones who know better than the average man and woman on the street. But, when they are honest, they show you their hateful side. That side usually includes eradicating ones detractors, those who disagree with them, or are not hip enough to meet the quota.

I remember being shocked seeing Alec Baldwin saying that, in some prior time, a member of congress and all his family would be killed because of his old time conservative ideas. He said it with great energy, showing he really thought it was a good idea.

Yet, the same type of guy will portray conservatives as war mongers and haters.

Well, Megan, join the new Hitler Youth. Anyone who thinks people who advocate homosexual rights may think what they want, but those who disagree with them should be killed, is a Nazi.

Fox, of course, is no philosopher. She's a pretty girl making a lot of money wearing short shorts in a movie made from the story of a comic book. But, in our world, that gets you interviewed and you get to spout off all the venom and hatred in your petty little soul and shallow mind.

And, Megan, you might not want to kill all the so called "white trash". My guess is, they are a large part of your audience. It certainly isn't the intellectual segment.

I wonder if I could sell a T-shirt that says: Liberals: saying one thing; thinking another. underneath would be a picture of Megan killing off Christians and other conservatives.
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