Wednesday, June 03, 2009

OK, it's official. I am out of weight loss class and into maintenance class. I lost 85 pounds in the process. I may lose some more in maintenance. We'll see. I love HarrisFast and all the folks that really helped me get this done since last July. If you need to lose weight and improve your health, I recommend them.

In addition to releasing my Inner Cutie, I lowered my cholesterol from 228 to 157. My body mass index went from 40.3 to 27. Blood pressure dropped from 135\81 to 110\60.

Added benefits are increased energy, ability to do more things and generally feeling better.

I also have to confess to you that when I was really unhappy about my weight and struggling to do something about it, I prayed for a solution. I feel that God gave me one by directing me to HarrisFast. I only wish I had done it sooner.
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