Sunday, July 12, 2009


Had a fun day in New York City today. The Oldest had to work and left me on my own. I grabbed a street map and took the "2" from Brooklyn to Times Square. Then I got on the "A Train". I always wanted to say that. It took my to the upper west side, which is very nice, and I got off a couple of blocks from the Museum of Modern Art. The Locals call it the MOMA.

I spent several hours there looking at paintings, architecture and sculpture. Oh, and photography. I saw Picasso and Chagall and Cezanne and Miro and Gaugin and Munch and a host of others. I really have sensory overload. You could spend a lot of time there if you like modern art.

Then I took the "E" back down to Times Square and transferred "over the ramp" to the "A Downtown" down to Chambers Street. On the subway , you have to remember Uptown is north and Downtown is south. I got off and walked through the tunnel to the Church Street exit and walked down to Church and Duane where the oldest worked at a hotel as concierge. This, by the way, is "Midtown" Manhattan. We met up, grabbed a Coke from 7-11., then walked down to the subway entrance for the "2" and took it back to her place in Brooklyn.


It is cool to have public transportation. I bought a pass for several days and just swipe the card. The downside is you cannot just run out to the driveway and zip off somewhere. The upside is, you can go almost anywhere without a car.

When we got off the bus, we walked to into the food market on the corner, about 10 steps. There are farmer's markets all over the city with fresh produce, Since Jamaicans live in the area, there are some exotic fruits to try. We bought fresh vegetables to cook for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow we load up the truck and take her stuff to storage and run errands. Hopefully, we'll get through in the afternoon and have the night and next day to run around some more before heading to the airport. I still want to see Central Park and the Guggenheim.

Oh, and for all my Texas friends, I don't think it has been over 80 since I have been here.
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