Friday, August 21, 2009


So, it's Friday night. The Little Woman has gone to bed early because she has to get up at 4:30 and care for sick, pregnant ladies. The Oldest went upstairs to read. So, I turned on the laptop and brought up the Internet.

I trolled over to one of my favorite sites.

I scrolled over to the tab for video.

I clicked.

The video came up in crystal clear detail.

I watched a John Piper sermon.

It was great. I mean think about it. When we got cassette tapes, we thought it was wonderful to hear tapes of great preachers. Now, I can not only listen to them but watch them. I even had headphones on so I would not disturb my sleeping beauty.

A decade ago, I might not have even heard of John Piper. I now hear him preach whenever I wish, and the wireless is working. Sure, there is much about the Internet that is lamentable, but God is sovereign over the Internet, too, and he uses it to his glory. And one way he does it is by nourishing Larry's soul at odd hours with a word from his word.

Is God great or what.
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