Friday, September 11, 2009


It has been the mantra of liberals for years that the earth is overpopulated and we must reduce our birth rate to survive. However, even a cursory examination of the data shows that this is not true. In fact,the reverse is true. The West is in decline and could cease to exist as we know if before this century is over.

Think for a moment of how a culture or a country survives, how it continues to exist. Simply put, parents have children. Those children grow up, enter the work force, carry on the culture and have children who continue the same way. Thus, the culture continues to exist. A war or a plague that wipes out a number of the children will kill that culture.

The philosphy of limited reproduction is that plague. The birth rate in all European countries is less than 2.0. That means, each two adults has less than 2 children. Imagine if every married couple in this generation had one child. The math is simple. The next generation will be half the size. All of the European nations have a birth rate less than 2.0. All of them are declining in their native populations.

In addition, 90% of population growth in Europe is Islamic. In Southern France, there are more mosques than churches. The mathmatical projection shows that France will be an Isalmic nation in 39 years. Germany had calculated their numbers and published them. Their current projection is that Germany will be a predominately Muslim nation by 2050.

There are 52 million Muslims in Europe. That number is expected to double to 104 million in only 20 years. Meanwhile, the native populations of European countries will have shrunk significantly.

The birthrate in America is 1.6. Hispanic immigration raises it to 2.1, barely enough to survive. However, there is an intense effort underway to evangelize America for Islam to speed the process.

Islam truly does not need terrorists and they are wasting valuable assets doing so. They simply need those men to lay down their weapons, immigrate to western countries and have many children.

It is ironic that only the Muslim countries are taking the Lord's command to be fruitful and multiply. Obviously, if you cannot have children, that is not your fault. But the Protestant church has endorsed the cultural norm of small families.

They may well pay the price.
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