Monday, November 16, 2009


The Little Woman and The Baby headed out for Mississippi this week end. The Baby’s in-laws had a wedding shower for her. I stayed home with the dog.

The Boys were in the house!

The Baby left on Thursday, anxious to spend some time with her Intended. The Little Woman left Saturday morning. We had a moment. She did not want to leave and I did not want her to. We spent 5 minutes in a “swaying hug” in the kitchen saying good-bye.

I know that, when everyone is gone, I will camp out with a book or in front of the television all day if I do not get going. So, I headed out to do errands. It takes so much time just to do a few and it makes me more tired than working out.

First, I met some guys at church for a walk around the neighborhood looking for mission projects. Then we had coffee and talked about it all for a while. I took clothes to the cleaners. Who knew I had so many shirts?

Then, it was off to Target. I bought a red microwave the TLW had her eye on. We gave the one in the kitchen to the Baby and her Intended for their apartment. I hope it fits. It is old and about the size of a Toyota Yaris, but not as sleek.

I found the microwave and they had several boxes of the red ones. I wrangled it into the shopping cart and made for checkout. The checker said “oh, you got the red one!” I explained it was for TLW. She thought I was sweet. So, I carted it to the car feeling like a really sweet guy. I hope TLW likes it. It heats my diet dinner just fine.

Next, I needed to take food to a friend who has had surgery. It was actually for his daughter, Adrian, who was at home studying. TLW had made a chicken pot pie, having gone to the trouble to ask Adrian what she liked. What a gal. She also made bread dough for me to finish. Guess what? Bread dough is really gooey, if that is a word. I was a little freaked out by how gooey it was and how much it stuck to my hands.

I put a bunch of flower on a board and dumped the dough on it. After rolling the dough around to get floured, I cut it into 3 pieces and rolled them until they were as long as the baking stone. Then, I braided the 3 into one. That is scriptural, no? A cord of three strands…

After baking, I had 2 really nice braided loaves. Now I felt not only sweet, but really domestic. Larry Thompson: sweet and domestic.

No, I am not furnishing towels for you to wipe the coffee off your monitor. Control yourself.

I took them over and had a visit with Adrian. I resisted saying “Yo, Adrian” when she came to the door.

As it turns out, Adrian can talk as much as I can, which is saying a lot (pardon the pun).

Then, it was off to pick up the Actress daughter who is appearing in Sweeney Todd. I took her to dinner at Pei Wei in Montgomery Plaza and we had a good time. We, of course, finished off at Starbucks, right there in the Plaza, also.

Finally, it was back home for Bible study, getting ready to teach Psalm 23 at Sunday School. Whew. Somewhere around midnight I nodded off.

Sunday was teaching. Then a great worship service with an emphasis on heaven. After church, I spent some time talking to Jeff and Jessica about Sweeney Todd, which they had seen the night before. They are both very literate about theater and music. It made me appreciate the talent of the Actress even more.

At home, I used my culinary skills to heat a diet dinner for one minute in the new, very red, microwave. Afteward, I sat down and patted the dog and fell fast asleep for about 3 hours! This is why I should not sit down when I am alone. I only woke up because it started raining.

I cleaned up the kitchen, did the laundry and picked up so it would not look like bachelor father when TLW came home.

Oh, and I put the seat down.
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