Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanks to Joanna at Grace in the Home, for voting my blog as “over the top”. Most people would say it is “out there”. Joanna is a very nice and very talented person. I am not sure what "over the top" means, but, since Joanna is very nice, I assume it is a good thing.

The price for the vote is to answer questions. I am terrible at this. I either lie because I want to look good, or give funny answers to entertain, or over think the questions and get seriously conflicted over the best answer and therefore do not answer at all. But I will, for once, try to be cooperative. Here are my answers.

* Where is your cell phone? Briefcase
» Your hair? short
» Your mother? In Wichita Falls
» Your father? dead
» Your favorite food? Whatever is in front of me at the time
» Your dream last night? none
» Your favorite drink? Coffee
» Your dream/goal? Write a book
» What room are you in? office
» Your hobby? Reading and discussing theology
» Your fear? Failure of any sort
» Where do you want to be in 6 years? Don’t know, don't care
» Where were you last night? Diet class, grocery store, & home
» Something that you aren’t? good
» Muffins? Banana nut if I ate muffins (which I do not)
» Wish list item? Trip to Breckinridge Colorado
» Where did you grow up? All over
» Last thing you did? Proof read Claire’s book review
» What are you wearing? Suit
» Your TV? Forensic shows
» Your pets? Wife’s “free” dog
» Friends? Generous, gracious, better than I deserve
» Your life? In yet another transition phase
» Your mood? restless
» Missing someone? Yes
» Vehicle? sedan
» Something you’re not wearing? My wedding ring (too big)
» Your favorite store? Gift shop in the glass factory in Louisville Ky
» Your favorite color? black
» When was the last time you laughed? At lunch
» Last time you cried? last Monday night at a prayer meeting
» Your best friend? Other than my wife? David Jacks.
» One place that you go to over and over? Starbucks
» One person who emails you regularly? David Jacks
» Favorite place to eat? Spiral Diner (not to be confused with Viral Diner)
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