Friday, March 12, 2010


I got an email with this title from Dillards. My first thought it was from Drudge Report about some serial killer out looking for a prom so he could kill a lot of teen agers.

I decided that can't be right.

Then I thought, maybe Dillards is marketing a line of clothes modeled after famous serial killers. For example, the "Charles Manson" would feature a temporary swastika for the forehead, a long wig and hobo clothes. The "John Gacy" would be a clown suit.

I decided that can't be right.

So, I opened the email and downloaded the pictures. The ad featured a young man that looked a little like someone in the Mad Men cast with a black suit and tie and big black glasses (OK, what we in high school would have called the nerd suit.) Then a girl in some wildly hot pink dress. That, I guess would be typical, because there is some unwritten law that half the girls at prom must wear colors that do not appear anywhere in nature. And no, a Pepto Bismol bottle is not nature.

Then the third girl had a little black pill box hat with a small veil, sort of the 1960 vintage I just lost my husband look.

Sounds like prom will be a lot of fun this year.
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