Monday, April 19, 2010


Today is the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, when Timothy McVeigh set off a home made bomb that destroyed the federal building and killed 168 people. It is hard to imagine anything that could make you feel justified to kill 168 of your neighbors, including children in daycare.

Look for the liberal news guys to tie it to the Tea Party and general libertarian feelings. They are not the same, however. America has a long past of demonstrations and protests against government actions, including liberal protests against various wars.

One thing you probably will not hear about is the fuel for McVeigh's rage. It was the government's raid on the Koresh compound outside of Waco. What you will not hear much about is how Janet Reno ordered the invasion of the compound by men dressed in black commando outfits, armed with automatic weapons, right here on American soil. They caused the compound to be burned to the ground. Men, women and children were killed. This was done even though Koresh was known to come into town, where he could easily have been detained, if necessary.

But there is a big question about whether it was necessary. Sure, Koresh was a bit cooky, having spintered off the 7th Day Adventist church to form his own group and writing all kinds of apocalyptic literature. But, basically staying with his little group in the compound and not hurting anyone.

So, maybe we should balance the reporting. Tell the horrors of the domestic terrorist. But also tell the horrors of governmental terrorism on its citizens.

I think this is especially relevant this year as the Obama administration considers whether to take out a hit on a U.S. citizen who belongs to a terrorist organization. We all hate those Al-Qaeda guys, right, so no one cares too much if we kill one. However, he is not a foreign national conduction a war like operation of terror. He is an American. If he committed the crimes and we catch him, what do we do with him? We put him in jail, present his case to a grand jury and ask for an indictment. If we get one, we put him on trial. If he is convicted, he goes to jail. We don't execute him without a trial.

Why should you care?

Well, who defines who is a terrorist? Janet Reno and Bill Clinton defined it for Koresh. Who might President Obama define? You won't argue with this Muslim that advocates and even plans killings. But, what if you define some things as hate speech? What if you think the Tea Party is really disrupting government? How low can you go?

As a side note, does anyone think it rather odd that President Obama advocating the closure of Gitmo and civil trials for foreign terrorists, then seriously considers executing a U. S. citizen without a trial?

America is becoming an interesting place.
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