Thursday, May 27, 2010

you can't make this stuff up

In Great Britain, which has Obamacare of sorts, a 58-year-old transsexual sued to make the state funded health service pay for breast enlargement, because she\he failed to develop nice ones after hormone therapy. No, seriously, this is true.

The good news for civilization is she\he lost her case.

Now, she\he says this violates her human rights.

There is now a "medical" name for people who want to mutilate their bodies to become another gender. They have "gender identity disorder (GID)". It sounds better than "seriously screwed up" (SSU) doesn't it?

The government will actually pay for the gender transformation, by the way, just not bigger breasts. And the government paid for her lawyers to file the suit. Maybe the will pay for someone to sympathize with she\he for being a small breasted trans-sexual instead of a large breasted trans-sexual.

I wonder if there is a syndrome for people who feel they are really birds trapped in a human body? We could call it "species identity disorder" (SID). People with SID, at least in Great Britain, could go to the state run and funded health clinic and get wings and beaks grafted on. Of course, the government would then need to pay for flying lessons.

The government would also need to furnish a mama bird to drop worms in the mouth of the SID sufferer so that they could have the whole bird experience of which they were cruelly deprived by their Creator. Otherwise, the counseling bills will be enormous.

Next, the government would need to set aside trees and the tops of buildings for nesting grounds, and furnish large twigs and lint and string so the SID sufferor could build a sufficient nest.

Every human should have the right to become a bird. It is cruel and unusual punishment to trap a bird in a human body.

I'll bet they didn't think of this in the health care bill. Although, there do appear to be a lot of vultures in Congress.
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