Monday, April 11, 2011


Shortly after the President announced he will seek election for a second term, Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday finds only 19% of voters strongly approve of his performance. I guess that cuts down on the number of emails he has to send.

In contrast, 39% of voters strongly disapprove of his performance. The "nays" have it at this point. These are his lowest numbers ever.

Liberals are even unhappy with the President, who came from the left wing of the party. Only 37% of liberals strongly approve of the job he is doing. It could be that they are unhappy he campaigned as Jimmy Carter but has been acting like George Bush lately, invading a non-hostile country (Libya) and helping undermine the government of other countries. They may also be unhappy over his tax and economic moves lately, although you could argue he cannot operate in a truly liberal fashion with a fairly conservative House of Representatives slowing him down.

Still, when push comes to vote, Liberals will vote for Obama over a Republican candidate unless they decide to sit out, as many Repbulicans did to John McCain.

Ramming Obamacare down the throats of an unwilling public will not help his chances of election. The lack of a strong Republican candidate might help him. A truly conservative Republican candidate would galvanize the Left to turn out their vote.

In 2008, Obama won 53%-46% over that guy who ran against him. It is a long way 'til November for all concerned, not to mention voters who will have to suffer through all the posturing while knowing none of it means much.
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