Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The Navy Seals captured bin Laden's diary. I wonder if it was one of those leather ones with the little gold clasp and a built in pen holder. It should be interesting. Were all of his thoughts about killing? Did he compare his wives and decide which was his favorite?

Did he think about hiring a housekeeper? Did you see how filthy the place was? I'm guessing house work was not part of the duty of the wives. Or else the guy was really hard to pick up after.

Did he ever wonder what his life might have been like if he had not become a terrorist? Did he feel so self righteous that he gloated over the deaths of thousands, or did it ever haunt his conscience? Did guilt ever seep into the edges of his soul?

Self examination will not likely be found. Killers for a cause usually find justification, even glory, in their bloody life's work. Life has no value for them, only their cause.
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