Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romans 6:23 tells us clearly the punishment for sin is death. The Old Testament sacrificial system illustrated this fact. One who sinned brought an offering to the priest. The sinner placed his hands on the animal, symbolically transferring guilt to the animal. The priest killed the animal, put blood on the altar and burned the offering. The perfect animal died in the place of the sinner. Leviticus describes the required sacrifices.

When the New Testament says Christ died for our sins, it is a similar process. We, like the Old Testament Israelites, bear the guilt of sin and need atonement. Jesus bore the penalty for our sins as foretold by the sacrificial system. His blood atoned our sins. The Father accepted the Son's sacrifice, even more pleasing to him than the aroma of burnt offerings.

We know this because animals were repeatedly sacrificed, but Christ died once for all.

You can no longer take car of your sin problem by sacrificing animals. That age has ended for all time. Now you must believe in Christ and receive him to receive the benefit of his sacrificial death and sinless life.

Now would be a good time.
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