Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The Bible so often speaks of justice, and even righteousness, in terms of how we treat the poor. Psalm 37 does this. In verse 14, the wicked bring down the poor and needy. In verse 21, the righteous person is generous and gives. In verse 26, he\she is ever lending generously.

I find that people, including church people, are very judgmental toward the poor. The idea is that they must be poor because they have a character flaw. And that is often true.

Of course, we all have a character flaw: the flesh. But God does not call us to judge the poor, but to be generous to them and to treat them fairly, not taking advantage of them. I have been convicted of this over the last several years. I try to always give something to everyone who asks me. If I get the chance to share the gospel, I do that also. But, regardless, I give them something. God puts me to the test regularly and I try to be faithful.

Try to do what the Bible says without excuses. It will change you.

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