Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Conversion Causes Worship - Luke 17:11

Jesus encountered ten lepers, people with terrible skin diseases. They were required to keep a good distance away from other people. They were outcasts, they were poor and they were miserable. Jesus healed them all physically, but only one was healed spiritually. He returned, praising, thanking, worshipping. He fell at the feet of Jesus in humble thankfulness. Only he saw Jesus as the Son of God and believed in him.

We, too, are all very sick until Christ heals us. We have this sinful nature we inherited.(Romans 5:12) Our symptom is not leprosy, but the sins we commit. (Rom. 3:23) Jesus healed us when we believed. Isaiah used that metaphor, saying "with his stripes we are healed". (Is. 53:5)

So, how do we respond? Are we falling at the feet of Jesus in worship, praise and thankfulness? Or are we going through the motions?

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