Sunday, April 20, 2014


In Matthew 28, we see that only two women were brave enough to go to the tomb of Jesus to see if they could take care of his body. They did not know how they would get in or if the soldiers would hurt them or arrest them. They only knew the task needed to be done and they loved Jesus enough to do it at any cost. Their reward was great: they were the first to see the risen savior.

It is a good model of the Christian life. We often see a task that needs to be done. Too often we shrink back and hide from it as the disciples did. The task seems to big, we do not know how to handle it or we are afraid. And so we miss the blessing. We miss seeing God work in wonderful, unforeseen ways and in great power. We miss seeing people's lives changed.

It is also a great testimony to the character of women. So often, it is women who do the dirty work in church. They change diapers, they read to children, they prepare and serve food and clean up after, the visit the sick, they take food to the grieving. Sometimes they do not know how a task will get done, but they get together and get to work and trust the Lord to use their labors.

Don't shrink from service. Christ rose from the grave. If he can do that, he can do anything. And he wants to do it through you.

Celebrate the Risen One today. As part of the celebration, commit to follow him and allow him to use his mighty power through you to change the world for him and his glory.
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