Friday, June 20, 2014

The Sinful Child - 1 Kings 22

1 Kings 22 shows us that, although Ahab repented (21:27), his son followed Ahab's formerly wicked ways. Ahaziah did evil.

Every child is born into sin and will sin. David wrote "Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me. (Ps. 51:5)

But the parent must stand as God's representative before the child, teaching and modeling God's moral law, correcting when the child sins. Then the parent can, at the appropriate time, show the child that his or her sin is only atoned in Christ, and the child's sinful nature, inherited from Adam, can only be changed by regeneration given by Christ.

It really is the heart of the lesson of 1st and 2nd Kings also. The people could not observe the law faithfully without a faithful leader. But none of Israel's kings could be perfectly faithful. Israel, and all humanity, needed a perfect king who would lead in perfect righteousness.

God graciously provided that king, but Israel again rebelled against God by rejecting that king. But, thanks be to God, he used a remnant of converted Jews to extend God's message of salvation to the Gentiles. Now Jew and Gentile believers together form a kingdom with a perfect king who leads us to greater sanctification day by day until that great day when we are transformed to be like him.

What a great day, when the tug of sin is no more. What a great day when the earth no longer lives with the consequences of sin: corruption, killing, poverty, sickness and wickedness.
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