Friday, August 26, 2016

Receiving Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King
by Thomas Brooks

The terms upon which Christ is offered in the gospel are these: that we shall accept of a whole Christ with a whole heart. Now, mark—a whole Christ includes all His offices; and a whole heart includes all our faculties.

Christ as mediator is prophet, priest, and king.
Christ as a prophet instructs us.
Christ as a priest redeems us and intercedes for us.
Christ as a king sanctifies and rules us.

A hypocrite may be willing to embrace Christ as a priest to save him from wrath, from the curse, from hell, from everlasting burning—but he is never sincerely willing to embrace Christ as a prophet to teach and instruct him, and as a king to rule and reign over him. 

Many hypocrites are willing to embrace a saving Christ—but they are not willing to embrace a ruling Christ, a commanding Christ. "But those enemies of Mine who did not want Me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of Me!'" Luke 19:27
Hypocrites love to share with Christ in His happiness—but they don't love to share with Christ in His holiness. They are willing to be redeemed by Christ—but they are not cordially willing to submit to the laws and government of Christ. They are willing to be saved by His blood—but they are not willing to submit to His scepter.

But a true Christian receives Christ in all His offices. He accepts Him, not only as a saving Jesus—but also as a Lord Jesus. He embraces Him, not only as a saving Christ—but also as a ruling Christ. He received Christ as a king upon His throne, as well as an atoning sacrifice upon His cross.

A hypocrite is all for a saving Christ, for a sin-pardoning Christ, for a soul-saving Christ—but has no regard for a ruling Christ, a reigning Christ, a commanding Christ, a sanctifying Christ; and this at last will prove his damning sin.

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