Wednesday, October 22, 2003

SHOCKING NEWS. France and Germany say they will not give any more support to the rebuilding of Iraq. U. S. officials reacted in shock and awe. One senior administration official said "After all we have meant to each other I do not see how they could do this." Germany said it cannot afford it. France is thinking of surrendering to Iraq. The State Department blamed it on the Pentagon. North Korea has threatened the destruction of both Germany and France as a lesson to all imperial aggressors of the glorious socialist republic of starvation and delusion. The President of Malaysia says it is the fault of the Jews, as everyone knows but will not admit. Roger Williams University issued a statement that this is what happens when young Republicans begin spewing forth invective and discourse on political events without inclusion and diversity and generally sucking up to Europeans who obviously know more than we. The Fort Worth Star Telegram will include a wire service report in a couple of days.
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