Tuesday, August 26, 2008

John Piper has a great video interview about abortion on "Between Two Worlds". His point: abortion is about God.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Since this is my 2,000th post, according to Blogger, I thought it should be profound:

Two Reasons Why It's So Hard To Solve A Redneck Murder

1. The DNA all matches.

2. There are no dental records.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

You can't fix stupid.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I think I need to get Dean Karnazes book about lessons he learned running 50 marathons in 50 days, how you can achieve super endurance. I'm just trying not to hurt myself.

Part of my new diet plan (16.5lbs so far) includes more physican activity. My doctor said just walk at first. So, I have been. Then, a week ago I sprained my ankle in church. IN CHURCH. And, I am no jumping and jiving Pentecostal, just a relatively staid Southern Baptist. Our most likely injury is a wrist sprain from carrying a big Bible to church, or over eating Sunday lunch. There have been one or two neck sprains when people went to sleep during the sermon and bobbed too hard. But, I digress.

I had to stay off the foot, other than limping to work, for a few days. Hence, no physical activity. But, Wednesday, it felt fine and I went walking late at night. I walked the neighborhood circuit of 1.5 miles and felt really good. We are having an unseasonable cool wave, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, compared to the 107 we had the week before.

So, I decided to do a second lap. Then, a dog came out of nowhere and attacked me. When I turned around to face him, I sprained my left calf muscle. It felt like I had been shot. I had to limp around the block to get away from the dog and spent 3 hours on an icepack (frozen peas and carrots, not steak for all you sensitive PETA types). I am still limping and it is really sore. So, physical activity is again limited to limping to work and to the kitchen for aspirin.

The road to thinness seems to be strewn with obstacles. I expected cravings or crabbiness (yes more than the usual), but not injury.

I also went to the dermatologist and had some stuff cut off my face. It is an annual ritual. Actually, it was my former weight loss plan. I would go in once per year and they would cut parts of me off. So, now I have a couple of band aids on my face and a couple of raw looking spots from the freezing thing they do.

I did get a little mileage out of it, though. I showed up at my diet class last night, limping and bandaged and got lots of inquiries. When I told them I was attacked by a dog, they really got stirred up.

After I gave them the whole story, they were a little less sympathetic, but it was good while it lasted.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Larry Johnson (no relation) calls the Obama campaign a debacle.

Can the Rapture really be a bust?
140 countries practice polygamy to one extent or another. And, polygamists tend to live longer than monogamists (unless your wife kills you). Scientists are trying to find out. Why not. They don't have anything better to do.

Of course, almost all of this polygamy is one man married to many women. Why are there no societies where one woman is married to many men? The Little Woman says it is because no one woman can pick up that many socks.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I know you are wondering, so to put your mind at ease: I am not going to by Obama's running mate.

I am still holding out for the Supreme Court.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ross Douthat: "The Democratic Party's rigidly pro-choice stance is one of the more unyielding positions in contemporary American politics, and at least for the foreseeable future, pro-lifers who vote Democratic will always be casting votes that cut against their convictions on abortion, rather than with them."
Salvation unto Us Has Come

Salvation unto us has come
By God’s free grace and favor;
Good works cannot avert our doom,
They help and save us never.
Faith looks to Jesus Christ alone,
Who did for all the world atone;
He is our one redeemer.

What God did in his Law demand
And none to him could render
Caused wrath and woe on every hand
For man, the vile offender.
Our flesh has not those pure desires
The spirit of the Law requires,
And lost is our condition.

It was a false, misleading dream
That God his Law had given
That sinners could themselves redeem
And by their works gain heaven.
The Law is but a mirror bright
To bring the inbred sin to light
That lurks within our nature.

Since Christ has full atonement made
And brought to us salvation,
Each Christian there-fore may be glad
And build on this foundation.
Your grace alone, dear Lord, I plead,
Your death is now my life indeed,
For you have paid my ransom.

Faith clings to Jesus’ cross alone
And rests in him unceasing;
And by its fruits true faith is known,
With love and hope increasing.
For faith alone can justify;
Works serve our neighbor and supply
The proof that faith is living.

All blessing, honor, thanks and praise
To Father, Son, and Spirit,
The God who saved us by his grace;
All glory to his merit.
O triune God in heaven above,
You have revealed your saving love;
Your blessed name we hallow.

Hymn # 355 from Lutheran Worship
Author: Etlich Christlich Lider
Tune: Es Ist Das Heil
1st Published in: 1524

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


David Heddle says Obama is not the Antichrist. It seems everyone thinks he is either the Messiah or the Antichrist. I am already tired of hearing about him, and it is a long way to November.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Quote of the Day

To me old age is always 15 years older than I am. Bernard M. Baruch

Tropical Storm Edouard

Pictures are coming in of the storm damage. It is a good thing this did not happen in Louisiana. We would never hear the end of it.

Congress Military

John McCain 26 Years 22 years

Barack Obama 143 days 0

Friday, August 01, 2008

“Andy Warhol said we all get our 15 minutes of fame. I’ve already had an hour and a half. I mean, I’m so overexposed, I’m making Paris Hilton look like a recluse.”
Barack Obama, 2004.

Gallup shows Obama aheand of McCain by only 1 percentage point.