Sunday, July 31, 2011

New suspect in the DB Cooper case? wow.

When the Boogey Man goes to bed, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


New information is coming out that John Lennon made serious inquiries about Christianity and may have come to faith. Yoko evidently covered this up for years. is a video with a short description of his efforts.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The heat moves east and north. I'm sorry, because I know you are not used to it and have not prepared for it. You are Americans and always assume that what happened in the recent past will always happen in the future.

It's just heat, though. Drink some water. Get some air. You'll be fine.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Reeling from its demotion from planet status, the object formerly known as Pluto has played a prank on astronomers as revenge. Pluto has been hiding something from us. It has another moon we have never seen before.

Newly discovered, the moon is not yet formally named. Astronomers refer to it cleverly as P4. Suggestions for its name include "Oops" and "Gotcha".

One thing I like about science is no matter how certain scientists are, nothing is ever certain.

Monday, July 18, 2011


This will not make the president happy. Borders is closing all of its stores and letting go 10,500 or so employees. Cisco, the computer network company, is laying off 16% of its work force.

Cisco's share price has been dropping all year, so they obviously have problems.

I do not think you can blame the economy alone for Border's death, but it may have hastened it. I think the brick and mortar book store days are numbered.

Nonetheless, yet more unemployed people populate America despite the so called recovery.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2 Kings 5:20-27

Namaan’s response to the miracle of healing was faith and gratitude. He confessed his faith by declaring the LORD is the only God in heaven and taking earth to build an offer for future sacrifices in his homeland. He expressed his gratitude by offering a gift to Elisha as God’s representative.

Gehazi did not worship or express gratitude. He should have worshipped. After all, he saw a great demonstration of God’s power in healing a terrible disease. He saw a great revelation that should have broadened his understanding of God: God showed that he desired to bring redemption to people of all nations. He should have felt gratitude, for God had provided an ally for Israel in the midst of its closest and most active enemy.

But Gehazi did none of these. Instead of a desire to worship, he desired material gain. He saw an opportunity for money. When Namaan revealed all that he had brought, Gehazi saw more wealth than he would have in a lifetime. Then his master refused it.

Additionally, Gehazi was a racist. He thought that his master spared “this Syrian”. You can kind of hear today’s words “those people”. Gehazi did not like that this non-Hebrew, from an enemy state, should receive healing for free. Jesus encountered these attitudes in his day, as Jews did not want to associate with Gentiles, Samaritans or even Jews who were tax collectors. Remember the Pharisee thanking God that he was not like the tax collector.

So, Gehazi embarked on a path of sin. It started because his heart was in the wrong place. He did not look to God in worship. He did not submit to a sovereign God who had told Moses he would have mercy on whom he would have mercy. So, when presented the opportunity to sin, he did. James 1:13-15 outlines the process for us. Each person is tempted when he is enticed by his own desire.
Gehazi was tempted by his desire for Namaan’s goods and his dislike of Syrians. That desire was conceived in Gehazi’s mind and gave birth to sin. He coveted Namaan’s goods. Gehazi lied to Namaan and said Elisha sent him and he wanted money and clothes for some other prophets. He lied to Elisha about what he had done. And most of all, he worshipped an idol rather than God by wanting money and goods more than he wanted to glorify God.

James said that sin brings forth death. Romans 6:23 says the wages of sin is death. Of course, we know that the sin of Adam brought death into the human race. (Romans 5). And Romans 3:23 tells us all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Gehazi does that in dramatic fashion here.

As punishment, Gehazi received Namaan’s leprosy. God often punishes by using the thing in involved in the sin. Here it is like he said, you wanted what Namaan had, so now you can have his leprosy.

It does not appear to me that Namaan wanted to buy the healing. He was healed before his offer. He wanted to make a gift.

But God wanted to make some things clear. First, he wanted Namaan to know that God healed him. Namaan got that message. Second, he wanted to show that he healed Namaan as a gift of mercy and grace, the same way he offers salvation. We cannot pay for our own salvation. Christ paid for it. The Father extends it to us as a matter of his grace.

God’s servants profane his name when they act in opposition to God’s character and purpose. Gehazi siphoned some of the grace off of this great act of God by taking money. He siphoned off a bit of God’s glory. God does not share his glory.

God’s servants profane his name when they get in the way of God’s work. Gehazi did not like God’s work to go to a Gentile and to go there for free. We do the same sometimes. God brings us people to help. Maybe we are to help by preaching the gospel. Maybe we are to help by offering love and fellowship. Maybe we are to help by sharing what we have.

Not many of these people will be beautiful inside and out. Some will smell bad, be dirty. Some are hurt. Some are ignorant of the gospel. Some are enslaved to sin. If they do not look, smell and act like us, our human nature reacts negatively. But we are not to give in to our human nature. We are to remember our redeemed nature must reflect our Father. We must love those he loves.

Paul reminded us that we were the same before Christ. Not many of us were cool. Some of us thought we were, but were mistaken. (1 Corinthians 1:26 says “not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many were off noble birth. But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise…).

And most of all, we must honor God’s name and nature. We must not profane it.

Friday, July 08, 2011

China does not want the government to recognize or meet with the Dalai Lama when he comes to Washington. Maybe they will make a movie: Mr. Lama Goes to Washington.

The Chinese say The Dalai is in effect a terrorist, advocating violence to divide the motherland, meaning China. Of course they do not mention that Tibet was not part of the motherland until they invaded it and forced it to come to mama.

Plus, Mr. Lama is a Buddist and advocates peace. Think of Richard Gere without hair and with glasses. He just wants them communists to leave Tibet alone and let them follow him in Tibetan Buddism, wherever it may lead them.

What China should say is, quit talking to the Lama guy or we'll quit buying your bonds and dump the ones we have left on the market at a loss, you stupid spend thrifts. And we'll use those technology secrets Bill Clinton gave us to put a monkey wrench in your capitalistic gears. And we'll hack into your computers. Oh wait, we're already doing that so never mind. But quit talking to him. And no fancy dinners or tours of the White House, or playing basketball with the president. No sneaking out for a smoke with him, either, we see you out there from the satellite you know.

But that is a problem, because Mr. Lama and Mr. Obama are Nobel buddies. They have both gotten the big award, though neither has really accomplished any peace. The Lama has mostly spent his life wandering around whining about Tibet and nothing has happened. Obama just invaded Libya for no good reason. Not very peaceful, that.

Nonetheless, I hear Obama is giving Lama a lot of good stuff. First, there is the 3 volume set of books by Jimmy Carter entitled Everything I Said Is Wrong About America While Visiting Foreign Countries That Suck.

Second, there is the framed stock certificate in General Motors before the bankruptcy. It has no monetary value, but historic significance.

Third, there is the CD entitled All The Smart Things Joe Biden Has Said. It only takes a minute to listen to.

Fourth, Obama had T shirts made with their pictures on the front and on the back it says "We won the Nobel Prize and you didn't".

Fifth, there will be a guided tour of Michelle Obama's closets. It takes much longer than it takes to listen to the CD.

Sixth was actually canceled. They were going to offer him a job but there were none.

Seventh was changed at the last minute. They were going to give him a free ride on the train that the stimulus money built, going from Los Angeles to Harry Reid's place in Las Vegas, but it has not been built yet. So, instead, they are giving him a ride on a government plane when Nancy Pelosi takes her next trip.

Eighth, this one was actually declined by the Dalai. They offered him dinner with Mitt Romney, but he said Mormonism was just too weird.

Ninth, they will restore all the emails British journalists deleted from his account. This is in return for helping the British attack Libya.

Tenth and last, an introduction to all the Buddist nuns that raised money for Al Gore and Bill Clinton.
Video of the Phoenix dust storm.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Why do people refer to all other holidays by their proper name, but this one by the date? No one says Happy December 25th. But they say, "have a good 4th" or happy fourth of July.

Maybe the fact of independence is taken for granted. The holiday for most people means the day you cook out, drink beer and watch fireworks.

I hope you enjoyed your fourth.

Friday, July 01, 2011


It must be time for a sequel.