Thursday, May 27, 2010

you can't make this stuff up

In Great Britain, which has Obamacare of sorts, a 58-year-old transsexual sued to make the state funded health service pay for breast enlargement, because she\he failed to develop nice ones after hormone therapy. No, seriously, this is true.

The good news for civilization is she\he lost her case.

Now, she\he says this violates her human rights.

There is now a "medical" name for people who want to mutilate their bodies to become another gender. They have "gender identity disorder (GID)". It sounds better than "seriously screwed up" (SSU) doesn't it?

The government will actually pay for the gender transformation, by the way, just not bigger breasts. And the government paid for her lawyers to file the suit. Maybe the will pay for someone to sympathize with she\he for being a small breasted trans-sexual instead of a large breasted trans-sexual.

I wonder if there is a syndrome for people who feel they are really birds trapped in a human body? We could call it "species identity disorder" (SID). People with SID, at least in Great Britain, could go to the state run and funded health clinic and get wings and beaks grafted on. Of course, the government would then need to pay for flying lessons.

The government would also need to furnish a mama bird to drop worms in the mouth of the SID sufferer so that they could have the whole bird experience of which they were cruelly deprived by their Creator. Otherwise, the counseling bills will be enormous.

Next, the government would need to set aside trees and the tops of buildings for nesting grounds, and furnish large twigs and lint and string so the SID sufferor could build a sufficient nest.

Every human should have the right to become a bird. It is cruel and unusual punishment to trap a bird in a human body.

I'll bet they didn't think of this in the health care bill. Although, there do appear to be a lot of vultures in Congress.
where is the howling?

We have the biggest oil spill of all time spreading across the Gulf of Mexico. The federal government, the President, has done nothing about it. Where is the howling?

Post Katrina, all you heard about was where is the government to help us? Even though the state had the primary duty, the press went wild on President Bush and hammered him day after day for not responding soon enough.

Yet, here we are with a matter that could only be handled by the federal government, and it sits back and watches BP try to fix it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Persecution" Does Not Include Taking A Beating When You Deserve It: A Word to the Pope

When Pope Bendict XVI (hereinafter simply "the pope") arrived in Portugal, he said "The greatest persecution of the church doesn't come from enemies on the outside but is born from the sins within the church." I agree with the part where he says they brought it on themselves.

I do not agree it is persecution. Calls for the Roman Catholic Church to be accountable for molesting children is not persecution. Calls for transparency and documentation of what you knew, when you knew, and what you did about it are not persecution.

Child abuse scandals are showing up all over the globe, as priests have molested those most vulnerable ones in their care. If another organization, any other organization in the world, showed this patter of child sexual abuse and cover up, there would be world wide calls for accountability, prosecution and punishment. I do not see any reason the RCC should be immune to that.

1 Peter 2:20 says "But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it?"

Every priest that abused a child should be prosecuted. Every church official that helped him do it by covering it up, transferring him to another parish with no warning, bribing or coercing the victims to stay silent, quashing investigations etc., should be prosecuted as parties to the crime, for they aided and abetted the criminal.

That is not persecution. Let's not call it that. If you want to make a statement of contrition just say, we really sinned and we deserve what we get. Bring it on and we'll take it.

Oh, and let's quit saying we have a store of good works we can use to sell indulgences. I think the thousands of sex abuse cases depleted that bank.

Friday, May 07, 2010

"The Old English Puritan was such an one, that honored God above all..." from The Character of an Old English Puritan or Non-Conformist, by Master John Geree.

I would like to see Southern Baptists be more like the Puritans, honoring God over programs, politics and posterity. Living to please him in the conduct of our lives. Whatever might be said of us, it would be said "they do everything to honor God and not themselves".

At the end of his essay, Geree wrote "He (the Puritan) was a man of tender heart, not only in regard of his own sin, but others misery, not counting mercy arbitrary, but a necessary duty..."

There is a lot of misery around us. Some are miserably unemployed. Some are miserably divorced, or miserably married, or miserably single. Some are miserably sick. Some are miserably poor.

I love the Puritans. You know this if you know me. I love them because they sought to live all of life for Christ, to the glory of God. They examined life. They thought about what they did and how it should be done to the glory of God. They examined the Bible to see what it said about everything, then applied it.

Just as the Old Testament tells us not to have a closed hand toward the poor, we need an open heart, a tender heart in Geree's words.

Saturday, you can donate food to the poor by setting it out by your mailbox. Mail carriers will pick it up and deliver it. You cannot get easier than that.

Be tender hearted. Alleviate someone's misery. Demonstrate the love of Christ.

Honor God above all.


Tuesday, May 04, 2010


A man from Pakistan, a naturalized citizen, has been arrested in the Times Square bombing. Anyone want to be me he is neither Christian or Jewish?

Monday, May 03, 2010

ABC says police have a possible suspect for the Times Square Bombing.

You know it is getting serious: a task force has been formed to investigate the Times Square attempted bombing.

Government workers define a task force as something created to make the public think something constructive is being done about a problem no one knows how to solve.
The Washington Post is reporting that the attempted car bombing in Times Square is an act of terrorism with international links.
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