Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Here is more on Camping, this time from Dr. Mohler.

Well, Saturday is the End of All Things according to Harold Camping. If you are interested in Harold and how he got to be a false teacher, Robert Godfrey has a good series of articles of the subject here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Mr. Trump has chosen television over politics, meaning the Democrats will have to scrap all the jokes they have written about orange comb overs and concentrate on Mormon issues. Romney now leads the field in a convincing manner. He has also raised a ton of money.

The next question is, while Romney stakes out the center, who will stake out the right wing?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The Navy Seals captured bin Laden's diary. I wonder if it was one of those leather ones with the little gold clasp and a built in pen holder. It should be interesting. Were all of his thoughts about killing? Did he compare his wives and decide which was his favorite?

Did he think about hiring a housekeeper? Did you see how filthy the place was? I'm guessing house work was not part of the duty of the wives. Or else the guy was really hard to pick up after.

Did he ever wonder what his life might have been like if he had not become a terrorist? Did he feel so self righteous that he gloated over the deaths of thousands, or did it ever haunt his conscience? Did guilt ever seep into the edges of his soul?

Self examination will not likely be found. Killers for a cause usually find justification, even glory, in their bloody life's work. Life has no value for them, only their cause.

Newt Gingrich has announced his campaign for the presidency on Twitter.

I guess he hopes the web will be a twitter over the announcement.

And I guess he wants to be the G'rich that stole Christmas from Obama.

He'll have to hope the vote is not too close, or his ex wives alone could sink his ship.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Today the Pentagon will release some of the intelligence obtained from the raid on bin Laden's compound. It should be very interesting.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Now that the deed is done, the posturing begins. First, here is Nancy Pelosi. When it might be President Bush who would capture him, she said it would be no big deal. Now it is the biggest deal every.
The President has decided not to release the photographs of bin Laden's body. He is probably afraid of the Muslim backlash.

It is a hard decision. Either way has possibly unpleasant ramifications. Erring on the side of restraint and dignity is not a bad thing.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The compound where Osama bin Laden stayed for the last 5-6 years is 8 times the size of the homes around it, has 12-18 feet high walls, barb wire on top and no phone or internet service. It has two security gates.

And no one in the Pakistani government thought to check it out? Also, remember this is in the capital city. Image a compound of this sort built in Washington, D.C. without undergoing FBI scrutiny.

I cannot imagine it and Pakistan has less freedom than we do.
I'm finding it hard to believe Pakistan did not know Osama bin Laden was there. I've always thought India was a more logical ally for us in the region than Pakistan. We know they have leaked our attack plans in the past. Why is it hard to believe they would keep the truth from us now?
Note to self: if every approached by Navy Seals, surrender completely and quickly.

Now the story is bin Laden was not armed, but was shot and killed. This will make the Arabs more unhappy. Also, he did not use the woman as a shield, but she rushed the soldiers, who wounded, but did not kill, her.

I hope there is not much more than will be revised.

Monday, May 02, 2011

It is hard to believe bin Laden lived in the compound in a big city for 5 years before being discovered.
Tom Ascol's thoughts on the death of Osama bin Laden. This is pretty close to how I feel about it.
Dr. Albert Mohler on the death of bin Laden.
DNA results have confirmed that the body was Osama bin Laden's.
Hillary Clinton is making a statement now. She began with "justice has been done". I like that she pointed out that many of OBL's victims over the years were Muslims.

She lauds our "partners", specifically Pakistan. She reminds us that the battle against Al Qaeda will not end because of this. Our message to the Taliban remains the same, but today it has more resonance: you cannot wait us out, you cannot defeat us, but you can choose to make peace.

OBL's death came at a time of great movement to freedom and democracy. People are rejecting extremism.

The fight continues and we will never waiver.

This is America. We rise to the challenge. We get the job done.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

President Obama called former Presidents Bush and Clinton before making the announcement. He previewed his statement with them. I'm glad he brought President Bush into the loop.
Only ABC is still reporting. The other networks have gone on to sports.

Bin Laden fired on the Seals, but was killed. It was only a 40 minute operation.

This shows you the value of good intelligence.
ABC News has some video running of a fire burning at the compound. The attack was carried out by only 20-25 Seals. Evidently, OBL did not have a lot of people protecting him, just a couple of couriers.

He might have been trying to avoid attention.
The Ground Zero site is also filling up with people waiving flags and singing the National Anthem.
The raid was carried out by Navy Seals. They breached a big compound with 12 foot high walls. We did lose a helicopter, but no lives were lost.

The compound had no phone or television. He used couriers to conduct communication. Evidently, intelligence operatives tracked and monitored the couriers.
The Administration is assuring Muslims we will handle the body in accordance with their traditions. That is certainly taking the high road, for you know we would not receive the same treatment.
Hundreds of people are in front of the White House. American flags are waiving. Times Square if filling with people.
Ironically, the Taliban began their spring offensive yesterday. They began with a suicide bomb on an 11 year old. still has up its erroneous report that OBL was killed a week ago by a bomb, despite the President's speech.
V. O. Day

Some people are calling this V.O. Day, Victory Over Osama Day.
Since the President now says he had information back in August that bin Laden was in Pakistan, credence is lent to the report in October by a NATO official that Osama bin Laden was living in comfort in northwest of Pakistan. At the time, the story for publication was that bin Laden was living in a cave in Afghanistan. This contradiction was ridiculed.

The NATO official claimed access to intelligence information showing that Bin Laden was moving between houses in the Chitral district and the Kurram valley. The Pentagon refused to comment.

The Pakistan government denied any evidence that Bin Laden was in the country. The Pakistanis said, if it were true, they would take immediate action.

Even Richard Holbrooke, the special US envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, ridiculed the report, saying "We hardly have a day that goes by where somebody doesn't say they know where Osama bin Laden is." This now appears to be misdirection.

It also appears the U. S. either did not trust Pakistan to act or Pakistan refused to act for political reasons, so the U. S. acted unilaterally, to accomplish the task.
What's Next?

Among the WikiLeaks documents were Guantanamo Bay reports that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed threatened "nuclear hellstorm" if Osama Bin Laden were killed.

KSM claimed Al Qaeda has a nuclear bomb somewhere in Europe.
The lead to Osama's location was found back in August. I cannot believe they were able to keep that a secret.
The President is now on. He is giving the history of the conflict. He is not mentioning President Bush, but recounting what he did to fight Al Qaeda.

He now turned to himself, saying he directed Leon Panetta to make finding bin Laden our priority. They thought they located him months ago, but the President only today thought they had sure enough intelligence. He confirms it was in Pakistan. The had a firefight and killed bin Laden during the fight. They took his body. No Americans were killed.

Now he makes clear we are not at war with Islam, affirming that President Bush said that also.

It seems to have been a unilateral action.

The American people did not choose this fight. Good point. We will not tolerate the threat to our security.

He said "Justice has been done."

I say to all involved: Well done.

One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. Good ending.

Short, sweet, to the point, no gloating, but justice done.

Good job.
People are gathering outside the White House chanting "USA USA".
Where is the president? He is really late, now a full hour. My guess is he is working on his speech to get it just right. But why announce you were coming out if you were not ready?
CNN says bin Laden was killed in a mansion outside of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. If it was not a joint operation, look for yelling from the government of Pakistan. If it was, look for retaliation.
Maine senator Susan Collins says bin Laden was killed in a U. S. operation. She did not say a joint U. S.\Pakistan operation, but that could be true or a way to protect Pakistan from retaliation.
Maybe they should cremate the body and bury it at Ground Zero.
Geraldo Rivera says it is the greatest day of his career. He is rejoicing.
Al Jazeera now says Afghan officials confirm the death. They will not say where he was killed.
Evidently a House Intelligence Committee Aide leaked the information.
A former CIA officer says he has been hearing for weeks that the U. S. was getting close to bin Laden. CBS seems to think it was a CIA operation.
AlJazeera has the story tagged but no details.

CBS is going to talk it to death before the President ever speaks. They do not know anything and are clearly ad libbing to fill time with background until the news conference.

I guess this means I will not see the end of CSI.
CBS says their sources are two congressional sources. CBS conjecture is he was killed by ground forces in Pakistan and removed.

The President is very late for the conference. The White House is now saying they will call the press for a background conference in 15 minutes. has come on line saying Bin Laden was killed by a bomb a week ago, but that the U.S. was waiting on DNA tests to confirm identity.
I am not sure there will be much left for the President to say. A specialist on the war on terror says this shows our intelligence is robust in the area. Maybe we should wait and see how this happened before we jump to conclusions.

I think they will have to show footage of the body and have third party verification to convince the terrorists it is true.
CBS already has stock footage of Bin Laden running. Now there are two more commentators. They are already jumping to the political ramifications. Namely, they are beginning to tout the effect of it. I agree it is the biggest blow to Al Queda that could be struck.

Now they are telling us how wily Bin Laden was, as if we have not heard this from 3 presidents already.
CBS interrupted CSI to say the President will make an announcement at 10:30. But leaks now say Osama Bin Ladin is dead and his body is in U.S. hands. It is interesting that CBS wanted to scoop the President and make the announcement before his press conference. It also shows people cannot keep their mouth shut. Juicy news is always shared.

Now CBS has already gone to a commentator to give opinions about the situation. It turns out the announcement was Eastern Time and it is already late, so CBS got tired of waiting and went on air with the story.