Friday, December 12, 2003

BIG HEADS. My mother-in-law knew Chuck Berry. Not Dr. Driver, the musician. She used to ride around with him in his Cadillac convertible. My guess is, he put the top down and drove around humming Johnny B. Goode while the M-I-L told him the same stories she now tells at the dinner table. I wonder if he believed her.

She is also descended from John Wilkes Boothe. I’m not sure I would admit that.

I read this guy’s blog today, but I’m afraid I lost the address. He said his wife’s uncle knew Lee Harvey Oswald. I thought I might send him my mother-in-law’s phone number.

I think the most famous guy I ever met was Mark White. I met him in the Fort Worth Club while he was running for governor. He was the Attorney General at the time. His aide introduced him as “General White”. I half expected him to have on a uniform. But, it turns out, that is what the proper protocol was.

He had the biggest head in the world. I shook his hand and looked up into his face and was dumb struck. I just stood there. His head took up my whole field of vision. I could not even speak. It was like one of the seven wonders of the world.

I’m trying to think of a comparison. My church friends remember the white headed gentleman that was our pastor. Bigger. I mean it. Bigger.

I had a big head as a baby. My pictures are funny, this big head up on this little baby body. I think they put a stick in the back of my shirt to hold it up for the pictures. But, mine stopped growing. You could say I kind of grew into my head. I would like to see his baby pictures.

He got elected governor too. One term only, but he did get elected. I went down and had breakfast with him once. Just me and him. And about 200 of his other lawyer friends.

Then he got beat and I became a Republican.

And grew into my head.
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