Wednesday, January 07, 2004

PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. In addition to a death in the family, blogging has been hampered by the crash of the family computer. After making a hotel reservation, the computer was infected with viruses, worms, and a trojan horse. After working on it for four days, I finally took it in for help. It is finally ready to pick up.

On the more serious front, the good news is that we found the Army discharge papers for my father in law so that we can arrange the funeral in the national cemetery. The funeral will be Friday at 11 a.m. It is a shame this is so difficult to arrange. The Government should make it easy for veterans' families to arrange their funerals. It is hard enough to deal with without this obstruction. One friend said it took her two weeks to get approval. So, Veterans Administration, get your stuff in one sock and move into the 21st Century. You should have all these records on computer and be ready to go when someone calls. Shame on you.
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