Tuesday, January 20, 2004

ROCKS IN THE HEAD. I guess it is because they have that really short work week, but French scientist are now studying skipping stones. Those are the rocks you throw across the surface of the lake to see how many times they will skip. They even built a machine to throw the rocks. I mean, you couldn’t expect a scientist, especially a French one, to throw rocks. I called the research institute and found there is no truth to the rumor that they were throwing the rocks at a picture of George Bush.

Speaking of the French, they are having a little trouble with the 5 million Muslims in the country. The government recently proposed legislation forbidding the wearing of religious symbols, notably the head scarf worn by Muslim females. France has long prided itself, well in general, but specifically about its secularism. This is why American liberals love France. They want to remove religion from the social and political equations. Anyway, France is so secular, among non-Muslims, that a recent survey showed 45% of French Catholics did not know what Easter was about.

Muslims are on the other end of the spectrum. Everything for them revolves around religion. Government, law, art, and everything else must follow the religious law. Although they will cry for freedom in France now, if they get big enough to take control, they would gladly turn France into a theocracy ruled by bearded men in robes, killing the non-conformists, and turning the country back to the 6th century. As in Iran, the country they rolled back a hundred years already.

While the Muslims paraded around France in protest, wearing long beards, wearing skull caps and pedal pusher pants (are they still Capri pants if worn by men?) and protesting, one sign sums it up. It said “Down with the racist laws of the Catholics”. You, of course, know that Catholics are not a race, just a big religious group from all different races. But, to a Muslim, they are the non-Muslim, the non-Arab, the non-entity.

The real Catholics (not the French variety, but the Romans) still think they can make peace. That makes you wonder who has the rocks in their heads. The Pope invited the Iman of the Rome mosque to a concert. He wanted to renew friendships among faiths. Which friendship is this, that great, historical Roman Catholic and Muslim friendship that lead to the Crusades, that great friendship that sent the “Moors” across North Africa killing and enslaving until they threatened Europe itself? Remember what Muslims call every Western person they are mad at (which is, at last count, 99% of us)? They call us Crusaders.

Although the Pope has backed off his earlier statement that Muslims could get to heaven without Christ (and presumably the Roman Church), he still is actively trying to achieve some sort of peace by diplomacy.

Also marching this week were a few dozen supporters of Michael Jackson, in Mexico City. That will help, I’m sure. No word on their position on head scarves in public school. MJ is for them, evidently, he always drapes his kids in scarves when they go out.

Some people speculate the kids actually do that out of embarrassment for how their father dresses, but I haven’t been able to verify this.

While on the subject of rocks, Chris Rock appeared recently in Grand Prairie. I don’t take that as a good sign for his career. Grand Prairie is to cities what Yugo is to cars. It is the entertainment Mecca of the Southwest Parkway Trailer Park. Rock thinks Blacks in America still suffer. I like this quote: Shaq is rich. The white guy who signs his check is wealthy.

Most of the white people I know would be thrilled to be anywhere near as rich as Shaq. Maybe they would like to sing better or act better, but they would be happy with his money.

Actually, they would probably be happy with Chris Rock's money. And they wouldn't whine about it near as much either.
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