Thursday, September 30, 2004

SET BACK FOR THE RELIGION OF PEACE. Remember the Muslims who attacked the U. S. S. Cole, blowing up a speedboat full of explosives? The attack, orchestrated by al Qaeda, killed 17 American sailors, including 3 Texans. A court in Yemen has convicted two of the terrorists and sentenced them to death by firing squad. Those Yemeni's know how to get it done, don't they? Jamal al-Badawi from Yemen and Abd al-Rahim al-Hashiri, from Saudi Arabia, were convicted and sentenced. After the verdict, al-Badawi said "All the Muslims of the world serve American interests".

The terrorists can be comforted by knowing that, somewhere in the world, those who share their desire to turn the world back to the 6th century sand pile of Arabia have won on another front. Saudi Arabia has banned camera phones. The already ban women from driving, so that is one place you can go and drive to work without dodging women talking on cell phones. They also make women cover from head to toe when going out. I wonder how much they go out, since they must walk or get their husband to drive them. If you had four wives, and none could drive, you could do a lot of driving. You'd have to talk on your cell phone to get anything done. So, in Saudi Arabia, you have to dodge men talking on cell phones if you drive to work. But, at least you know they aren't taking your picture from their cell phone.
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