Wednesday, September 15, 2004

THE WARRIOR IS A CHILD\THE CHILD IS A WARRIOR. I dropped the Baby off at school today. She likes to be early for everything. She is helping to lead See You At The Pole today at her high school. As I drove off, she walked up to the flag pole, set her backpack down at its base, and stood there facing the world. I watched her in the mirror, standing like a sentinel for the Lord in front of her school, the lone warrior ready to lead the troops into battle, waiting for them to arrive. Then I got that feeling I always get. The eyes sting, the throat closes, and I thank God for the grace of children that follow him.

While I stopped for coffee, the College Daughter called. She is expecting a rough day and asked for her mother and I to pray for her. Again I could thank God for children that depend on Him and have faith that Mom and Dad will pray and God will answer and strength will come.

We worked to build our family around faith. We prayed, we read Bible stories, we went to church. The refridgerator was covered with macaroni crafts from Sunday School. We listened to memory verses, practiced Bible Drill, bought white dresses for Girls In Action Recognition, attended choir concerts, and sat by bedsides holding the hands of little girls and praying for whatever was the problem of the moment. It was all worth it and I would do it all again and I thank God for letting me do it.

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