Monday, October 25, 2004

RUN GEORGE RUN. With a week to go, the Presidential race is still close. There are only about 4% of the voters undecided.

CNN Sunday showed Bush ahead 51-46 percent. Nader is hanging in there at 1% and seems unembarrassed by it.

Zogby calls it closer with Bush ahead 48-46 perdent.

There are ten battleground states. Bush is ahead in Florida and Ohio, which may be enough since they together have 68 electoral votes. Bush is also ahead in New Mexico.

Kerry is ahead in Michigan.

The rest of the states show small leads within the statistical margin of error, making them really too close to call. Of these, Kerry appears ahead in Colorado and Minnesota, with the President ahead in Iowa, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

Kerry is feeling the heat. He has gotten Bill Clinton out of bed to campaign for him. Oh wait, Bill always is getting out of bed, isn't he. No word on whether Monica Lewinsky has been invited. Or Gennifer Flowers. Or, well you get the idea.

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