Thursday, January 06, 2005

LOVE MEANS. Ed and Helen Meusche, from New Jersey, were sailing around the world with about 25 other sailboats when they ran into the tsunami. They were walking on the tiny island of Phi Phi, when they saw fishermen in the distance yelling and waving. They saw the tsunami as it came toward shore. They ran, but could not out run the wave. They decided to hold each other in a bear hug and ride out the endless wave.

The were flattened us against the sand, held underwater, and swept completely over the small island to the bay on the other side. Ed held on to his wife, Helen. She turned pale. Ed tried to pull them above the water. At one point, they were trapped under a boat and Ed thought it was over. Then he grabbed the boat’s motor and pulled them above the surface. Ed could see Helen was dying from lack of oxygen.

A fisherman picked them up. A charter boat then took the couple aboard, gave oxygen to Helen, and took her to a hospital. Helen got pneumonia, but survived after several days in intensive care.

An old movie once said love means never having to say you’re sorry. I never agreed with that.

Ed Meusche shows us that love means never letting go.

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