Friday, February 04, 2005

NO WINING. Just so you'll know, I decided to pass on the wine tasting. Although the ChelleBelle is right that there is nothing wrong with it, I have staked out this new job territory as a Christian and people already remark that I do not drink, so I do not think I want to confuse anyone. I wrote a nice note to the inviter declining, but thanking her for the invitation.

On the way to work today, I had the radio on, as usual, to Christian radio. However, I switched from my normal channel to another and caught Charles Stanley. I do not listen to him often, although he is a good teacher, for he has this annoying habit of saying "listen" about every five words. For example, listen, I have a message, listen, and, listen, I want you to hear it. It might be a Georgia thing, because I heard Mac Bruson at 1st Baptist Dallas doing it also.

Anyway, Stanley spoke about doing things as a Christian and their impact on yourself and others. That made me think the wine tasting party would not do.

Maybe Baptists will re-think the wine thing some day. After all, Jesus made barrels of it.

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