Wednesday, February 23, 2005

SCHIAVO UPDATE. A Florida court issued a stay order yesterday keeping Terri alive for one more day. Her "husband" affirms he will pull out her feeding tube as soon as a court allows him. Remember he did this in 2003. She lived 6 days with no food and water before the governor intervened and got her hooked up again. Can you imagine going 6 days with no food or water. The fact that she lived shows her body is very strong.

If you read this blog, please pray for Terri. Her husband is determined to kill her. The judge of the original court is determined to kill her.

What comes next? What about old people, especially that have a little dementia or Alzheimer's Disease? Do we cut off their Social Security checks so they must starve? Do we refuse to allow them to buy food so they will starve to death? After all, what are they doing for the rest of us?

What about people disabled from accidents? If you are in a wheel chair, there are some things you cannot do for yourself. If you have Cerebral Palsey, you have limitations. Maybe Florida judges will take turns standing at the grocery store check out making sure they are not allowed to buy food. Starve them all, let God sort them out.

Every disabled person is Florida should cram the court room today. Every parent in Florida should surround the hospital. If you are a parent, you can imagine the horror and pain these parents are feeling.

At the very minimum, the Judge should have to sit in the room from the moment he orders feeding to stop until this poor woman's body gives in to starvation and dehydration. And maybe he should go without food and drink the whole time.
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